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CEA - Certified Expert Accountant

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Developing the capabilities and skills of accountants and the participants, explaining the rules and procedures of accounting experience in order to equip them with basic skills and technical

  • The meaning of the word "expert" in the law and in the language.
  • The law regulating the accounting and auditing profession and licensing of accountants
  • Regulation Act experience before the courts and ministerial decisions complementary.
  • Professional degree and how important it is for the expert.
  • Expert knowledge and / legal culture.
  • Mastery of the Arabic language and good knowledge of English.
  • Proficiency in the use of computer related software.
  • The difference between an expert and consultant in charge.
  • The importance of experience and its role in the proof.
Expert mission from the beginning to End
  • The appointment of an expert, or agreements of the table.
  • Receipt of the Tax Office, and conducted preliminary judgment and commitment.
  • Study the case file.
  • Invite the parties.
  • Move to where the court ordered or as required by the Tax Office.
  • Committees experience.
  • Write a report etc. with a review of models of reports of various issues.
  • Re-Tax Office expert.
  • Supplementary report.
  • Final Report

Expert is the assistant of the judge & must submit his report in time
  • The delay in filing the expert report and the negative effects that ensue.
  • Reasons for the delay and how to avoid them.
  • The expert should not be a reason for the delay.
  • Parties.
  • Court.
  • The difference between the expert and the witness.
  • The difference between the expert and the arbitrator.
  • Legislative system development experience.
  • Exclusion of expert table.
  • Grievance expert of being left out of the table.
  • Discipline experts table.
  • Disciplinary sanctions, which experts predicted on the table.
  • NATO expert right.
  • The need to restrict the expert to the provisions governing the primer.
  • The goal of scar expert.
  • Delegating more of an expert.
  • The right of the people of the court in the scar experience of any party.
  • Lack of commitment by the court to respond to the CPPCC.
  • The court to take the report of the consultant and ask the expert report director in the lawsuit.
  • Secretariat and expert fees.
  • Remuneration expert endures opponent who asked his appointment.
  • The basis of an expert assessment fees .
  • Lump appreciation for the expert's fees.
  • Passport opposition from an expert on the fine.
  • Opposition to estimate the expert's fees.
  • The nature of the expert's work.
  • If the invalidity of the expert's work proceeded in the absence of his opponents.
  • To be assisted by an expert who sees their use.
  • Object to the expert person or eligibility.
  • Expert assessment of compensation.
  • Payment invalidity business expert.
  • Applications of the Court of Cassation in the invalidity payment expert's work.
  • Notes opponents on the report of the expert.
  • If the court shall appoint three experts, the lack of involvement of one of them in a report overruled
  • The need to determine which appeals deemed discount on the report of the expert.
  • What is required for the health of the work of the expert?
  • Invite expert opponents by a substantial direct Tax Office.
  • Expert stepped down.
  • Re expert.
  • Measures response expert.
  • The fall of the right to seek restitution.
  • The impact of a request to respond to the expert's work.
  • Judgment in a callback request expert.
  • Quarreling experts.
  • Estimate the expert's work a matter of substance is not subject to the supervision of the Court of Cassation.
  • When are the words of an opponent in front of a judicial admission of expert?
  • Do not permissible for opponents of the agreement in front of an expert on the illegal fare.
  • Lack of commitment by the court to respond to the documents submitted to the expert.
  • Terms of relying on the expert's report in a material fact.
  • Legal issues of jurisdiction of the court, not the expert.
  • If the Court asked the expert's report must not be based on evidence derived from this report.
  • Scar experts and how their choice.
  • Scar from his right experts in criminal matters.
  • The right of the criminal court in the appointment of an expert of its own.
  • Lack of commitment by the court to respond to a request scar expert.
  • Civil defendant's right to request the assignment of an expert.
  • The scope of the right of the accused in the report of the use of a consultant.
  • The work of the experts and their reports.
  • The expert must lead the work himself.
  • The right expert to discuss liabilities.
  • Do you require the availability of a particular form in the report?
  • Discuss the reports of the experience.
  • Associate considered an expert from a range of experts.
  • Fees and expenses of experts.

The workshop includes the following
  • Important experience in land dispute
  • Important experience in the liquidation of company
  • Task criminal judicial experience.
  • The task of accounting experience in a dispute between a bank and its client, the re-calculation of benefits, according to settled by legal rules.
  • The task of accounting experience in a labor dispute between a company and its workers. Calculation of wages and entitlements of the worker and in accordance with the provisions of the labor law.
  • The task of accounting experience in a criminal case. Accounting in the investigation of crimes Intruder funds.
  • The task of accounting experience in the business call "accountability partners"
  • The task of accounting experience in a civil dispute, "building on the land of others" .
  • The task of accounting advisory experience "commercial dispute"
AED 16,527
US$ 4,500
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Duration: 5 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: Arabic

Training Partner
Farahat & Co

Who will Benefit:
  • Accountants, accountants, legal and their associates.
  • Auditors.
  • Financial Managers.
  • Employees credit facilities with banks and finance companies.
  • Accounting and financial experts.
  • Internal auditors.

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