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CISTI - The Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful

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The necessity for the Islamic world to meet its financial needs has been increasing incessantly as a result of the irregularities and illegalities that have pervaded contemporary transactions, such as usury and uncertainty. Consequently one of the research priorities in financial transactions is the study of how to apply the formulas of financial transactions in the Islamic jurisprudence heritage to modern financial transactions and operations. The insurance industry has received a great deal of this research effort, entailing the allocation of appropriate educational and training materials for the qualification of professionals and cadres of the Islamic insurance industry.

One of the requirements of the basic competent knowledge about the Takaful Insurance is addressing the legal aspects of this industry, which requires the consulting of evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and precedents in the Islamic jurisprudence heritage of the Takaful Insurance as well as the decisions of fiqh academies and other channels of collective ijtihad about the subject, and finally suspicions about Takaful insurance.

A comparative study of Takaful insurance and commercial insurance represents one of the most important entries the trainee should be well informed about while studying Takaful Insurance. This would enrich their skills for they would be able after taking this course to easily make distinctions between interdependence and commercial insurance and understand the fundamental and structural differences between both forms of insurance.

Likewise; the monitoring work in the Takaful insurance companies constitutes one of the specialized and significant subjects needed by the trainee in the Takaful industry as it details the stages of the substantive technical work of the Takaful Insurance on the basis of its Islamic legal controls, and equips the trainee with competence and know-how in the area of Islamic law which would help the workflow in the Takaful insurance companies.

  • Understand the Islamic view on the conventional insurance and related issues.
  • Understand of The legal identity of a Takaful contract and takaful fund
  • Accounting treatment of takaful and related issues such as surplus and deficit
  • Understand takaful products : general and family takaful
  • Understand re-takaful

Contents of the program:
  • The principles of Takaful insurance and its comparison to commercial insurance
  • The Background of Takaful Insurance in the Islamic Law
  • Islamic Sharia Supervision of insurance companies
  • Takaful insurance applications by Islamic banks
  • Current problems facing the Takaful industry and expectations for the future
AED 9,181
US$ 2,500
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Duration: 4 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: Arabic

Training Partner
General Council for Islamic Banks And Financial Institution

Who will Benefit:
  • Insurance and Re - insurance personnel.
  • Academic candidates interested in the Takaful
  • Academic candidates with a Sharia background

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