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CISTRAF - The Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance

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Economic relations between nations have often been characterized by the dependence of these nations on one another to satisfy their needs of goods and services .This makes of trade one of the most vital sectors in any society be it developed or still developing for foreign trade has served as a link connecting nations to each other and has often represented a core indicator on a state’s productivity and competitiveness capacities in the international market, as well as the state’s ability to export and import, and the reflection of all that on the state’s balance of foreign currencies and its impacts on the trade balance.

Financial institutions play a significant role in the financing of Trade Finance and the establishment of trust between exporters and importers. For this end, international institutions have been established to regulate this sector.

Customs and international regulations have been instituted on letters of guarantee and letters of credit and other principles governing Trade Finance contracts and its financing mechanisms, and to ensure the proper implementation of its procedures and the identification of its terminology.

The Islamic finance industry has contributed to Trade Finance by devising a set of innovative financial products compliant with the Islamic Sharia, and developed a number of controls on modern applications in accordance with the nature and characteristics of Islamic banking. The Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance will allow for the mastery of the requirements and the prerequisites necessary for the conclusion of commercial contracts relating to Trade Finance with the focus being laid on the preparation and implementation of documents related to letters of guarantee for the Trade Finance. It will also present a detailed view of the letters of credit and other similar operations in the domain of Trade Finance. Similarly, it will provide a view of the mechanisms of the letters of credit, their conditions, their types, their provisions, their various complexities, their Islamic legal controls, the risks they involve and ways to avoid them.

  • Recognize the risks faced by conventional banks and identify those risks unique to Islamic banks
  • Appreciate the importance of credit risk management in Islamic banks and demonstrate understanding of the systems, methods and procedures for credit risk mitigation
  • Comprehend the process for controlling operational risk through sound financial reporting systems and monitoring of asset quality
  • Understand capital adequacy as it applies to Islamic banks
  • Discuss the operations and constraints of an Islamic treasury
  • Understand the transactions which are off balance sheet in treasury operations
  • Understand the concept of asset liability management
  • Comprehend the concept of asset liability management as it applies to an Islamic bank
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of liquidity management in Islamic banks with special emphasis on the issues faced and the liquidity management tools currently available
  • Understand the process of securitization and constraints of Islamic securitization

Contents of the program:
  • Importance of Trade Finance and means of its financing
  • Bills for collection and documentary drafts
  • Standby Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee
  • Documentary Credits
  • Guarantees of international contracts
  • Banking operations related to Trade Finance
AED 9,181
US$ 2,500
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Duration: 4 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: Arabic

Training Partner
General Council for Islamic Banks And Financial Institution

Who will Benefit:
  • Treasury & Capital Market Supervisor/ Managers
  • Dealers
  • Auditors & Consultants
  • Investment and corporate bankers
  • Treasury Back officers
  • Regulators
  • Legal Advisors
  • Investment Placement & Treasury Sales
  • Private Bankers & Wealth Management

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