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SM-2 - Computer Based Office Administration and Organization

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Many people have the misconception that the sole function of MS Outlook is to be used for sending and receiving e-mails. On this course, you will discover how MS Outlook can be optimized by administrators to improve office productivity and manage time. The course will specifically focus on the main competencies needed by administrators to run a successful office, organize time, manage relationships and organize meetings. Practical learned techniques will then be applied using MS Outlook. In addition, the course will reveal office administration secrets and little known features that will enable you to enhance your daily productivity and save you highly needed time.

Course Methodology

During this course you will prepare several practical action plans to ensure implementation of the course's learning objectives. You will also uncover simple "secrets" of MS Outlook which will enable you to immediately enhance your productivity at the workplace. Finally, you will learn best practices in successfully running an administrative function and how to apply such practices using MS Outlook.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Define the competencies needed to run present and future offices
  • Apply business writing skills and organize emails using MS Outlook 2013
  • Organize the office time using the MS Outlook 2013 calendar
  • Manage and coordinate relationships with managers using soft skills and computer based methods
  • Develop and apply document management strategies

Developing the modern administrator’s competencies

  • Identifying competencies needed for success
  • Being an 'action' person
  • Setting up and achieving your objectives
  • Importance of setting key performance indicators
  • Interacting with others and networking for success
  • Personal productivity
  • Efficiency versus effectiveness
  • How MS Outlook 2013 can aid productivity
  • Overview of MS Outlook 2013 ribbon, toolbar and navigation pane

Office communication

  • Choosing the right communication medium
  • Essentials of business writing and form design
  • Using MS Outlook 2013 to write e-mails and manage contacts
  • Organizing and categorizing e-mail folders and creating rules
  • Eliminating e-mail overload
  • Applying design themes to e-mails
  • Creating professional signatures
  • Working with personal stationery
  • Creating address books and organization of contacts

Time organization

  • Proactive versus reactive styles
  • Organizational concepts, to-do lists and reminders
  • Using MS Outlook 2013 calendars for scheduling
  • Appointments, events, meetings, etc.
  • Prioritizing concepts and how to apply them electronically
  • Creating and working with notes
  • Creating and organizing tasks through MS Outlook 2013
  • Organizing professional meetings
  • Overcoming meeting time wasters
  • Writing agendas for effective meetings
  • Preparing professional minutes of meetings

Managing your relationship with your manager

  • Knowing your manager and organizing the relationship
  • Knowing your manager’s expectations
  • Communicating with your manager
  • Planning and scheduling tasks
  • Delegation concepts and applications using MS Outlook 2013 tasks
  • Sharing the MS Outlook 2013 calendar with your manager

E-filing and document management

  • Organizing computer files
  • Essentials of a good filing system
  • E-filing versus paper filing
  • Office organization strategies
  • Data file management
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Duration: 5 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: English

Who will Benefit:

Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive and personal assistants.

Target Competencies

  • MS outlook
  • Office communication
  • Time management
  • Relationship building
  • Organization
  • Writing skills