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HM-2 - Essential Skills for the HR Professional

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As HR professionals you do a lot more than just technical HR work. Support must be provided to employees and line managers in a constant manner. This is why HR professionals find themselves having to capitalize on their human relations abilities or soft skills to deliver their work effectively. This is the beauty of this course. It is one of a kind in recognizing situations in organizations that demand special care and attention from HR professionals outside of their HR competences. This course addresses those situations and shows you how to develop the right soft skills to handle them.

Course Methodology

The course uses a discussion based approach in addressing the various topics covered combined with round table discussions, presentations and role plays.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Define communication and explain its importance to the work of HR professionals
  • Use the main principles of business and report writing
  • Produce written HR correspondence and sample HR reports
  • Apply the basic skills of conflict resolution including influencing
  • Explain the importance of customer service in HR and the steps to build the required mindset
  • Choose the most appropriate basic coaching and counseling techniques in HR specific situations

Human Resources and Communication

  • Definition of communication
  • Communication in HR
  • Characteristics of an effective HR communicator
  • Questioning techniques
  • Listening and empathy
  • Interviewing techniques:
    • The STAR technique
    • The FACT technique
    • The probing technique
    • The leading technique
  • Basics of public speaking

HR Business Communication and HR Reports

  • Basics of business writing
  • Writing HR reports
  • Common mistakes in writing HR correspondence and reports
  • Examples of HR correspondence and reports

Conflict Resolution: A Required Skill for HR Professionals

  • Definition of conflict
  • Sources of conflict in HR
  • Thomas Kilmann conflict model
  • Influencing skills
  • Practical applications in HR

Client-Centric HR Departments

  • Definition of customer service
  • Internal customers versus external customers
  • The importance of customer service in HR
  • Who are the HR customers?
  • Building a customer service mentality in the HR department

Coaching and Counseling Employees and Line Managers

  • Coaching, counseling and mentoring
  • Importance of coaching and counseling to HR professionals
  • Differences between coaching, counseling and mentoring
  • The 5 principles of coaching:
    • Principle 1: feedback
    • Principle 2: accountability
    • Principle 3 challenge
    • Principle 4: tension
    • Principle 5: systems
  • The 'TGROW' model of a super coach:
    • Choosing a topic
    • Setting a goal
    • Checking reality
    • Identifying options
    • Gaining commitment through will
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Duration: 5 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: English

Who will Benefit:

Human resources professionals or those who are about to start a career in human resources such as administrators and specialists. The course is also beneficial for experienced officers and managers in human resources who wish to update their knowledge and skills about the latest techniques in the various human resources functions.

Target Competencies

  • Working with people
  • Presenting and communicating
  • Applying expertise and technology
  • Following instructions and procedures
  • Planning and organizing
  • Achieving goals and objectives