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LM-1 - Leading and Managing Change

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Leading and managing change is the ideal course to introduce change and change management to organizations and their staff who are dealing with this critical topic, or affected by it. Participants from any organization that is undergoing some form of change, minor or major, would benefit greatly from this course which sheds valuable insight on what has become a valid preoccupation by all companies.

Course Methodology

Leading and managing change relies heavily on analyzing change situations that participants bring to the course. Upon selecting top change issues, teams are formed, and each individual team starts the process of developing a change management strategy and implementation plan leveraging the knowledge and techniques explored throughout the course. During the course participants get the opportunity to listen to leading authorities on change and analyze how their insight can assist them in their respective projects. Participants also undergo change readiness assessments and a number of exercises related to resisting change, to understand change related implications and how to deal with them.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Apply their newly gained competence in anticipating change and in dealing with it more effectively
  • Defend the link between leadership and change, and the models available for management and change agents, and leverage this relationship to properly plan for upcoming transformations
  • Implement ways to reduce or eliminate resistance to change and transformation initiatives in order to achieve the goals desired
  • Plan and execute communication related to change in a way that contributes to success
  • Explain the limitations imposed by existing cultures and unravel ways to effectively reduce or overcome them in a competent and professional manner

Understanding, planning and managing change

  • Defining change
  • Defining change management
  • Defining organizational change
    • Nature of organizational change
    • Reasons and challenges
  • Typology of organizational change
  • Approaches to understanding and gauging the intensity of change
  • The importance of change agents to the transformation process
    • Types of change agents
    • Competencies of change agents
    • Change management and stakeholders' analysis

Models and strategies for managing and leading change

  • Leadership and organizational change
  • Management adaptation to change situations
  • Evaluating change: Lewin’s force field analysis
  • Preparing and planning for change
    • Kotter's eight step model
    • The 'ADKAR' model

Understanding and dealing with resistance to change

  • People and organizational change
  • Why people resist change?
    • Forms of resistance and how to deal with them
    • Individual factors versus group factors
  • How employees adapt with organizational change
  • Stages people go through when resisting change
    • The 'SARAH' model
    • Managing the transition stage
  • Managing the dynamics associated with change
    • Kotter’s 6 step approach
    • Strategies to deal with resistance to change
  • Risk management and organizational change
    • Identifying, estimating, managing and reviewing risk
    • The risk-impact probability chart

Communicating change

  • The importance of communicating change
    • What people want to hear and what they need to see
  • Components of an effective change communication plan
  • How to communicate change effectively: before, during and after the change process
    • Delivery methods available to get the message across
  • Dos and don’ts when communicating change

Key factors in making organizational change happen

  • Understanding organizational culture
    • Components of organizational or corporate culture
      • Hard systems versus soft systems
  • Types of cultural change
  • Common mistakes when transforming existing culture
  • 20 steps to sustaining change in the corporate culture
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Duration: 5 Days

Intakes: Every Month

Language: English

Who will Benefit:

Change managers, business process improvement specialists, change management team members, coordinators of re-organization and mergers, implementers of organizational change, and individuals who are interested to learn how to deal and manage change on organizational and personal levels.

Target Competencies

  • Assessing change intensity
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing implementation plans
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Managing conflicts
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication change
  • Leading and managing direct and virtual teams